Let’s Do This!

After a few months of chaos, the day has finally arrived for Novel Treks to officially kick off! In the last three months, I have completed a bucket list while saying farewell to the lovely city of Chicago (and judging by the weather, I made it out just in time) and made the long drive west to colorful Colorado!

I am looking forward to sharing my adventures – in both the real and literary worlds – with you all. To give you a sense of what to expect, I want to explain my current vision and plan for Novel Treks. Every Tuesday you will see a post for PositiviTuesday. This is an idea I cam up with a few months ago which I began sharing with my closest friends. The concept, as you may have guessed, is simple: giving or receiving positive messages through the day – no mater how amazing or terrible the day may seem. The length of these posts will vary – a quote or original writing may be your reading for the day. Sundays will be Short Story Sundays. I will select one or two short stories and provide my review(s). These will be shorter posts with the intention of encouraging you to explore a new author or genre. Other than these weekly posts, you will see a smattering of book reviews, monthly photography roundups, and personal posts of my latest escapades.

In addition to the ‘regular’ posts mentioned above, I will be planning challenges, read-a-thons, and giveaways to get you all involved :). These posts and events will require a bit of preparation, but start looking out for them in mid- to late spring!

I hope you enjoy these chronicles and find some interesting reads along the way! If you would like reading recommendations or have any review requests or general feedback, please feel free to leave a comment here, email noveltreks@gmail.com or follow me on social media (links below).








Welcome to Novel Treks! As you’ll see on the About page, this blog has been created to give you reviews on books as well as provided stories from the great outdoors of Colorado (and beyond!). The official launch of Novel Treks, including the first review, is set for March 2, 2015. Life is pretty busy with this move halfway across the country coming up so quickly! On launch day I will include a more detailed intro about what to expect from Novel Treks! I sincerely hope you enjoy reading my updates and encourage you to follow this blog!


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