Review Policy

I am currently accepting books from authors and publishers to review.

I am open to reading all genres; however, I prefer fiction (any genre, adult or YA) and reserve the right to turn down requests. I accept all formats (including, but not limited to, ARCs, paperback, hardcover, finished copies, and e-books).

Contact Information

Ashley Phelps





Communication is accepted via the social media sites listed above; however, please use email (above or the contact page on this blog) for important correspondence.

 Review information

I will post my reviews on this blog and Goodreads. If requested, the review may be posted on additional sites. Please allow two (2) weeks for your review to be completed. If that timeline will be change, I will let you know prior to accepting the book.

The posted review will include the following:

  • Book cover image
  • Basic book information (title, author, publisher, published year, # pages)
  • Genre
  • Goodreads summary
  • My honest review and rating

Rating System

Ratings for books will be out of 4 stars (4 being excellent). If I am unable to finish the book, I will not post a review.

★★★★ — Excellent

★★★ — Good

★★ — Okay

★ — Poor


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